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About John Cuniberti

[John Cuniberti photo] John Cuniberti's career began as a musician in various rock bands in the 1970's. To supplement his income John joined a touring sound reinforcement company in 1976. He worked his way up to the position of mixing on stage monitors for Stevie Wonder. In the early 80's John was managing Hyde Street Studios in San Francisco by day and recording the Dead Kennedys and many other alternative bands by night. In the 90's, John received both platinum and gold records for producing and engineering six Joe Satriani records. In 2000 John became the first mastering engineer at the world famous Plant Recording Studios in Sausalito. To date John has mastered over 1000 CDs for both major and independent labels while still continuing to engineer albums with Satriani, Train and The Funky Meters. John is also the designer of the very popular Reamp® interface box that is used daily by major recording artist in studios all over the world.

"My background in both live and studio engineering has given me great depth in understanding the mastering process. As a studio engineer, I made it a priority to attend mastering sessions for every record that I had been a part of. As a result, I know what it is like for one of my clients to hand over their project to me for mastering. I work very closely with my clients until they are satisfied with the sound of their CD. I then check and double check all the technical aspects of the master before sending it off for reproduction."

John Cuniberti

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