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  • Mon Mar 24 '08 1:45 pm Moving to "The Dirt"
    "In the Studio" will exist in this spot for archival purposes only - all future news can be seen in "The Dirt"
  • Sun Mar 23 '08 6:50 pm The Fray finish up six weeks in Studio B
    The Fray were in Studio B recording a follow up album. Nice guys - a bit obsessed with the Galaxian game, though.
  • Tue Oct 30 '07 5:21 pm Would you Like to Help Us Cultivate a Sustainable Music Community?
    What exactly does the term "sustainable music community" mean? Well, we can go on for hours about this, but let's just say that it's a community made up of people who love great music and support each other's creative pursuits while doing our best to reduce our impact on the environment. It's a music industry where dollars are more equally distributed amongst the many artists making music, and music education and world class facilities are available to people regardless of ability to pay. We believe this will resultin a more vibrant, diverse selection of music for the listener. We are driving this mission through A Vehicle for Change. You can assist our journey by either shopping at
    The Plant Studios Amazon Store or
    by buying something at The Plant's iTunes Store You can shortcut to one of your favorite artists by choosing one of the links listed below! For EACH SONG PURCHASED after entering the iTunes store via one of these artist links, Apple will donate 2 cents to our programs!
    Did you know that if every artist who either got their career start or recorded their breakthrough or comeback album at this studio decided to donate just ONE CENT per album sold to our non-profit, we would be able to purchase this building to protect it from demolition/development, install solar panels on the roof to reduce our carbon footprint, and still have enough money to fund about ten years' worth of local artist album projects through our Plant Studios Greenhouse "Budding Artist" Program, buy a fleet of alternative energy vehicles for A Vehicle for Change and produce fundraising CD's for every music education non-profit in the Bay Area!
    Obviously, the point we're trying to make is, those pennies add up!

    Every time you enter the iTunes store from a link on our page and BUY a song or video, you get us a few cents closer to realizing our non-profit vision: To Cultivate a Sustainable Music Community!
    If you would like additional information, just email us!
  • Mon Oct 29 '07 10:19 pm For What It's Worth...
    A really good friend asked me to check out and sign a petition, which I did. So have over 100,000 other people. Please visit and take a look at what is going on.
  • Fri Oct 26 '07 4:49 pm Drive A Vehicle for Change for a Song...
    Do you use iTunes? Then please take a moment to visit our iTunes store and help The Plant Studios continue a long standing tradition of local artist development and non-profit support!

    120x60 iTunes
  • Sun Oct 21 '07 6:58 pm Celebrate our 35th Anniversary by Tripping Back to the "Live from The Record Plant" Days...
    Monday, October 29th marks 35 years since this recording facility opened as The Record Plant, Sausalito, in 1972. In honor of this anniversary, we bring you several archival selections from the "Live from The Record Plant" series. Each time you enter Wolfgang's Vault from one of these links and make a purchase, you help our non-profit, A Vehicle for Change. Thanks for your support!:

    Fleetwood Mac Live from Record Plant on December 15, 1974
    Savoy Brown Live from Record Plant on November 24, 1975
    Ry Cooder live from Record Plant July 7, 1974
    Randy Newman Live at Record Plant, November 10, 1974
    Jimmy Buffett Live at Record Plant, October 24, 1974 - Available for Download

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  • Sun Sep 16 '07 3:41 pm Roger Barnett Benefits Green Belt Movement
    Roger Barnett was in Studio A to record piano tracks for a song benefitting Dr. Wangari Maathai's Green Belt Movement. The Plant Studios is honored to be a part of this project. For more info on the many causes Shaklee is involved in, please visit: . For information on the company producing this amazing project, please visit :
  • Wed Sep 12 '07 2:05 pm Legends In Our Midst...
    The cast of The Jersey Boys was in Studio B this past weekend, recording vocals for the upcoming Emmy awards show which airs Sunday, September 16th. Bob Gaudio and Ron Melrose producers, Arne Frager engineered, Robert Gatley and Chris Cheney assisted. Music tracks, recorded by Al Schmitt, were ftp'd from Capitol Studios in LA earlier in the week, then loaded into our Pro Tools HD3 rig, recorded and mixed for TV. The cast left early to perform a Sunday matinee. Everyone remaining enjoyed an organic Italian feast, prepared by The Plant Studios' resident chef "jersey girl," Mari Tamburo.
  • Sat Aug 11 '07 10:25 am Kronos Tracks in Studio B
    It was great to hear those strings once again in these legendary halls. Kronos is a non-profit organization. No wonder their music is so vibrant, diverse and creative. Long Live Kronos Quartet!
  • Wed Aug 01 '07 10:21 am Monophonics!
    The Monophonics were in Studio B, not to record, but to add their funky touch to our Summer of Love in house wedding celebration. But we expect them back, very soon, to add some horns to some tracks, as well as start recording their second album.
  • Mon Jun 11 '07 10:26 am Garaj Mahal Tracks in Studio B
    Jamband jazz fusion virtuosos, Alan Hertz, Eric Levy, Fareed Haque and Kai Eckhardt, collectively known as Garaj Mahal, were recently in Studio B tracking for a new album. It was a mutual admiration society, as these players dazzled us with their excellent musicianship, we wowed 'em with our sounds. Arne Frager and Robert Gatley handled the engineering duties.
  • Sat Apr 28 '07 12:23 pm Ciao Negramaro!
    Italian Superstars Negramaro, who grace the current cover of Italy's Rolling Stone, just finished a 3 month long stint in Studio A with producer Corrado Rustici. Dave Fraser engineered, Mike Boden assisted - Ciao!
  • Sat Mar 24 '07 2:34 pm Think 13, People, Think 13!
    If you are bored with the current offerings of the music industry, you might want to Think 13. April 20 at the Cowell Theatre in Fort Mason. Fire dancers, aerial artists, "the best music you've never heard", along with stunning visuals, including a very special effect by Kerner Optical Inc. (formerly known as ILM.) For more info, check out
  • Fri Oct 13 '06 4:35 pm JL Stiles Rocks Studio A
    What can we say? We like our music straight -- from the heart and soul, and that's the way J.L delivers it. We have high hopes for this song craftsman, and expect to see him garnering awards someday not too far into the future. He is already a fave with the critics.
  • Sat Aug 05 '06 12:44 pm Sonia Dada MIxes Live DVD
    Soul Rock band Sonia Dada's music was thumpin' during a mix of a Live DVD last week. When music sounds this sweet, it's no wonder they have such a devoted following...
  • Fri Apr 28 '06 1:01 pm Who has been in our recording studio lately?
    Gracing these walls with their talent :

    Michael Franti, Linda Ronstadt, Ann Savoy, Blind Boys, Third Eye Blind, Magic Christian, Fernando Ortega, Turtle Island String Quartet, Madame Legal, Hijack the Disco, Dogland.

  • Fri Mar 24 '06 3:10 pm Blind Boys Come Back to Studio B
    The Blind Boys of Alabama were in recently to track vocals with Toots (Toots and the Maytals) for an upcoming release. They recorded in Studio B, on the same vintage Neve console used for their Grammy award winning "Go Tell It On the Mountain" CD.
  • Sat Feb 18 '06 7:43 pm Ronnie Montrose Returns to The Plant
    Ronnie Montrose was in recently to record some tracks
  • Tue Dec 13 '05 11:56 am Franti Goes Live
    Michael Franti and Spearhead were very recently in Studio B to record LIVE. Live band? Recording all at the same time? Like they used to do back in the seventies? Wow! Who knows? This may start a whole new trend!

    Ah, the music, the energy -- we LOVE it!

  • Tue Oct 25 '05 12:15 pm Michael Franti Returns for More Fine Tuning
    Michael Franti was back in The Garden recently to make some adjustments to his riveting documentary. Scenes were added, so the master audio sweetening talents of John Neff were again called to duty.
  • Thu Sep 08 '05 10:18 pm American Idol Carrie Underwood in Studio A
    American Idol Carrie Underwood was in recently, recording vocals for her upcoming release. Mike Boden assisted.
  • Thu Jun 23 '05 1:38 pm Michael Franti Fine Tunes Documentary Soundtrack
    Michael Franti was in The Garden recently, fine tuning the sound for his soon to be released documentary. The film chronicles his trip into the war zones of Iraq, Palestine and Israel during the summer of 2004. John Neff, well respected for his work with David Lynch, engineered.
  • Tue Apr 19 '05 7:06 pm The "Ice" Man Cometh
    Vernon "Ice" Black (Mariah Carey, Todd Rundgren, many others) has been in the Garden recently working on some potential hit records. Vernon has worked with Mariah Carey, Maze, Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston, Ashanti, India Arie, Stevie Wonder and Herbie Hancock. He has also done various projects for commercials and television.
  • Sun Feb 13 '05 10:27 am Praises!
    Austin based singer/songwriter/worship pastor Fred Thomas recently blessed us with his many talents. Arne Frager engineered and produced the project with Robert Gatley assisting and handling the majority of the Pro Tools duties. Basic and additional tracks were cut in Studio B and backing vocals were recorded in The Garden. Fred's compositions reached new heights, thanks to the musical assistance of Chip Roland, Prairie Prince and Jeff Pevar.
  • Sat Jan 15 '05 12:40 pm Long Live Mr. Garcia
    Engineer extraordinaire Tom Flye was in Studio B mixing some Jerry Garcia tracks. Jerry lives on in our hearts and on our stereos.
  • Tue Dec 14 '04 2:29 pm MUDVAYNE Returns...
    Mudvayne returns for more of those good tracking vibes in Studio A. Mega hit rock producer Dave Fortman was recently spotted at the candy machine...
  • Tue Dec 14 '04 2:29 pm MUDVAYNE Returns...
    Mudvayne returns for more of those good tracking vibes in Studio A. Mega hit rock producer Dave Fortman was recently spotted at the candy machine...
  • Wed Sep 01 '04 10:17 am MUDVAYNE Rocks Out with Dave Fortman
    Heavy rockers MUDVAYNE recently finished a six week stint in Studio A. Produced by Dave Fortman, this album promises to be their best effort to date...
  • Mon Aug 02 '04 5:59 pm Kronos Quartet Track in Studio B
    Kronos Quartet was in Studio B tracking...
  • Fri Jul 09 '04 2:36 pm Andrea Bocelli Project Mixes in A and The Garden
    Producer Corrado Rustici was recently in Studio A and The Garden mixing the latest Andrea Bocelli release.
  • Mon Jun 21 '04 12:58 pm Tom Flye Mixes Grateful Dead Box Set
    Engineer Tom Flye has been mixing in Studio B -- some Grateful Dead gems for an upcoming box set...
  • Thu Apr 22 '04 2:02 pm 12 Stones Mixes "Photograph"
    Producer Dave Fortman, best known for his award winning work with rockers "Evanescence, " chose The Plant's Garden to mix Louisiana sensation "12 Stones." The tune is called "Photograph" - listen at

  • Mon Apr 05 '04 1:58 pm Darren Hayes mixes new album in The Garden
    Artist Darren Hayes (formerly of Savage Garden) soaked in the serenity of our Garden to mix his latest effort -- look for a release in the coming months.
  • Thu Mar 18 '04 3:07 pm Kronos Quartet tracking in Studio B
    The legendary string players were in here tracking in our legendary Studio B, utilizing our vintage Neve 8068.
  • Mon Feb 23 '04 11:50 am Joe Satriani Archives Digital Masters Onto Analog Tape
    Joe Satriani was recently in The Plant's Studio A to archive three multi-track digital

    masters onto -- get ready -- 2" Analog Tape! After extensive research and several frightening experiences with various digital recording mediums, the technologically savvy artist, along with engineer John Cuniberti, chose analog tape to archive Satriani's masters.

    The main reason cited was stability of the recording medium. While many digital formats have come and gone, analog tape still appears to be the only format that can last for 30 years. It appears that others are bound to follow suit. Stay tuned for an update.

  • Mon Nov 24 '03 1:46 pm Little Kids Rock The Plant
    Music Non Profit Little Kids Rock visited the Plant recently, along with CNN. Several Bay Area artists donated their time and talents to record a benefit CD, which will feature songs written by LKR students and performed by professional musicians. Participating in the first of several sessions were slide master Roy Rogers, funky drummer Zigaboo Modeliste, metal bassist Jason Newsted, Austin Willacy, Mimi Fox, Mari Mack and others. More news to follow...

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